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Advanced sleep solutions from Nikken designed to bring the Earth's natural healing energies into your bedroom.


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For over 40 years Japanese wellness company Nikken has been developing technologies that harness the Earth's natural energies in order to replicate them within the home. In combining traditional wisdom with modern technology and advanced engineering the result is a unique product line that represents practical and convenient solutions for dealing with modern life’s everyday challenges.

With more and more doctors and scientists now suggesting sleep is one of the most important factors affecting our health and wellbeing the Nikken sleep products, available individually or in a complete "sleep system", are an essential component of any wellness home.

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Unique Technology

There are of course alot of beds, mattresses, pillows and duvets on the market but at Nikken we believe we offer something different. Found only in our products Kenko Sleep Technology employs a combination of features working together to provide a quality restorative sleep that complements our natural processes of physical and mental recharging.


Modern civilization has diminished our contact with the Earth’s essential magnetic field. Nikken sleep products with magnetic technology are designed to help counterbalance this effect by replicating conditions that more closely correspond to nature by producing a cocoon of overlapping magnetic fields that envelop the sleeper.


All living organisms are dependent on energy wavelengths originating from sunlight. Nikken employs special ceramic coated fibres within the sleep product materials to absorb energy and reflect it as gentle regulated warmth which keeps sleepers warm in cold weather yet cool in the summer. Furthermore partners in the same bed find their respective temperature differences are neutralised.

Charged Particles

Nikken Sleep System fibres emit electrons similar to those found in the air in forests and near waterfalls and by the sea. These charged particles help to clear airborne allergens such as mold spores, pollen, and dust, and assist in imparting a general sense of relaxation and well-being.


The prime component of the Sleep System is a natural latex mattress topper. Accommodating to all body types its firm yet comfortable non-spring construction supports the musculoskeletal system while shaping itself to the sleeper's contours resisting sagging and preventing the formation of pressure points that can interrupt sleep. A layer of massage nodules helps to ease tension.

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Nicki Edgell Dip cPNI DNN fntp
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Nutritional Therapist
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